Who Are We?


Hello everyone!

I am the founder of the Robocall Blocker App. Thank you all for choosing us and for your trust.

As an ordinary programmer, I've been suffering from spam calls and texts for a long time, which leads to making up my mind to fight them. About six months ago, my colleagues and I started to develop a spam call blocking mobile app. Through analyzing and studying blocking principles and core functions of competitors, we optimized our app to a qualified product called Robocall Blocker. You may think our app screens look not very perfect, but what you can trust is the features. We designed a lot of blocking rules that fit your practical use scenarios, along with a powerful database containing hundreds of millions of known spam numbers. Just try it for 2 weeks, and you'll figure out what I am saying.

Now, subscriptions are a way of supporting our app moving forward. When the time's right, we're going to release a totally free version to serve the public by fighting against spam calls.